WorldCoinindex, how does it work?

WorldCoinindex, how does it work?

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Worldcoinindex has over 400 currencies listed and works 24/7 changing at every second and positioning it in the best category for cryptocurrency price listing and news.

But how does it work?

They are based out of the most popular coin: BITCOIN. The bitcoin index is the only market with global fiat currency, for example: BTC/USD BTC/EUR, and is calculated by Worldcoinindex separately. Now, all the other cryptos are mostly traded in BTC, hardly ever have fiat markets. All other cryptocurrencies are based on BTC markets (i.e. ETH/BTC) and their fiat markets are based on Bitcoin Price Index (BTC/USD BTC/EUR).

How does the ranking work?

They rank cryptos by their 24-hour volume, meaning the most traded gets the top rankings. And the percentage is calculated by the LAST TRADED COIN PRICE and OPENING PRICE (at 0:00 UTC/GMT).

Many people get frustrated to watch the numbers go up and down in seconds, but this is why, the percentage rating is dictated by the LAST TRADE PRICE for each cryptocurrency, what will really count in the end is the daily VOLUME in days, even weeks, not just in the seconds you may be attentively watching.

What is VOLUME?

Volume is the number of coins traded on all cryptos calculated every minute in 24 hours. And the number of coins is the amount of each crypto that is available in the market.


And this is a simple explanation about how the biggest cryptocurrency price listing works, if you’d like more information about it please log on to their website: WorldCoinIndex.


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