Winco & Southxchange

Winco & Southxchange

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The crypto world is improving the use of the internet, transforming it into a business tool. As a business tool, you need to be selective towards your choices according to the security needed to make your personal transactions. In this world, the currency transactions are made by exchanges – management platforms.


Dealing with a large amount of money that comes and goes with the negotiations of the cryptocurrencies, the exchange company of your choice has to guarantee the security you deserve. And because we understand your security needs, we worked hard on a selection to present to you, and one of our choices was the SouthXchange.


SouthXchange, an exchange platform, built and operated by PRO-Systems, is designed with security and simplicity in mind, making it easier for you to use. PRO-Systems is an Argentina-based company composed of highly trained software engineers. It has over 10 years of experience working on complex and high-profile enterprise applications. Since 2012 it has been actively involved in cryptocurrency related projects. Working with a 2-factor authentication and email confirmation, the exchange proven reliable for the client’s transactions, business and safety.


STheir advanced technology is also composed by a server-data relation in real time, which means that you get the latest data updates as soon as possible. The smartphone version of the website allows you to make your transactions from anywhere, without the need to have a computer nearby.


All the listed benefits above, followed by the low trading and withdrawal fees makes it one of the best choices for exchange. Get ready for this awesome technology that is changing the way you deal with money, be a part of this technological revolution.


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