Winco event in Japan

Winco event in Japan

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Winco held a great event last Sunday (06/05/2018) can you guess where? In Japan! In the state of Kanagawa-Ke.

The event was held with the presence of special guests, with the intent to bring Winco closer to the country of the cryptocoins, bringing all the information necessary to show a little more about the Winco project. The following are the names of the guests who performed at the event:

For those who do not know, Japan is a worldwide example in the regulation of cryptocoins, and it is an honor to have such great acceptance of Winco alongside the Japanese people and to have the opportunity to be closer to this important audience.

The event was held for 60 people and the Winco team would like to thank everyone who participated in this very productive day and hopes that it will be the first of many to be held in Japan and elsewhere as well.

Here are some photos taken by our team at this event:


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