Universities around the world embracing Cryptocurrency and Blockchain – Why does this matter?

Universities around the world embracing Cryptocurrency and Blockchain – Why does this matter?

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The world of education has officially embraced cryptocurrency and blockchain. According to a research performed by Coinbase August, 28th 2018, 42% of the world´s top 50 universities, as ranked by U.S. News and World Report, offer at least one cryptocurrency and blockchain course. It also shows students from an array of majors that are interested in taking such courses.

According to the survey, in 2014 crypto classes at NYU that started with 35 students signed up, today has around 230 students.

What a climb! A possible reason for such interest in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology courses is the potential to impact society across the globe in various fields.

“The students in my class are from every possible discipline.” “They understand that this is going to disrupt many different areas of business, and they want to be the disrupters, not the disruptees.” — said Campbell Harvey (Professor at Duke’s business school teaching a class of 231 students).

Why is it essential for universities to offer cryptocurrency and blockchain courses?

As mentioned, cryptocurrency and blockchain are impacting the world in ways we have never seen; it is reshaping the world with its transparency, security, safety, and global accessibility in lighting speed. The new platforms are transforming every aspect of life affected by MONEY and TRUST, and that is everything. Both technologies combined will affect people´s lives entirely, education, finances, business, governments, etc. It will connect people around the world in an impactful way.

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The general public needs to be equipped and to comprehend what to expect. University courses can teach people to operate and transact with diligence through the new ecosystem, and they can teach people in mass, which means lots of people in a reasonable time.

Also, it is crucial to have people be educated with clarity, and the assurance they are learning trustworthy information. By universities offering courses about the subjects, people can be confident about what they are learning due to the credibility of the institutions.

I have selected 5 of the greatest universities in the world which are either offering cryptocurrency and blockchain courses or accepting cryptos as payment (or both):

The Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU)

HSLU is supported by six cantons and located in the heart of Switzerland, the largest educational organization in the region. They started accepting Bitcoin as payment in October 2017.

The school has over 6,200 students attending bachelors and master´s degree programs, almost 4,600 attending continuing and executive education programs, and 416 new projects in research and development.

“By accepting the bitcoin cryptocurrency, the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts is indicating its ability to disseminate knowledge on cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, as well as its desire to gain experience in the practical aspects of this novel area.” — HSLU.CH

HSLU is recognized for excellence by EFQM a 5 star school.

New York University (NYU)

Photo Credit to Christopher Sadowski

This is the largest private non-profit organization in American higher education. Though they do not accept crypto as payment yet, they do offer cryptocurrency and blockchain technology courses. Their first crypto course was launched back in September 2014 called -The Law and Business of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies Series, taught by professor Geoffrey Miller.

If you are interested in seeing everything the school is working on to embrace cryptocurrency and blockchain their website is filled with information, news, videos and classes on the subjects. (Search: cryptocurrency)

“A process is well underway that will lead to the migration of most financial data to blockchain-based organizations. Students will benefit greatly by studying this area.” — David Yermack Finance department NYU Stern School of Business

The University of Cumbria 

UOC was the first university to accept Bitcoin as payment in the UK for two courses associated with cryptocurrencies back in 2014. The courses were led by the Institute of Leadership and Sustainability at UOC. The first was a certificate in Sustainable Exchange and the second a post-certificate in Sustainable Leadership.

“We are accepting bitcoin as a way of experimenting [with] how it works for a major organisation with many departments.” — Said Jem Bendell the Institute´s director according to Coindesk.com

Canada McGill University (McGill)

They launched a McGill Cryptocurrency Club, and along with Montreal´s Bitcoin Embassy they promoted an airdrop a 30 mBTC (Worth 7$ each at the time) giveaway event, that was inspired by MIT Bitcoin Group.

McGill is located in Quebec, Canada at the heart of North America´s most appealing and metropolitan cities. This is one of the world´s greatest universities, founded in 1821.


This is the first university in Germany to accept Bitcoins as a means of payment for its degree and executive education programme. Founded by 25 leading global companies and institutions. It focuses mainly on three main topics leadership, innovation and analytics.

“ESMT is an innovative and future-oriented business school,” says Georg Garlichs, CFO of ESMT.

“Integrating bitcoin as a routine method of payment is a logical consequence of digitalization. Especially for international transactions from countries without a well-functioning banking system, the digital currency offers great advantages through the immediate, practically free-of-charge transfer. This makes bitcoins attractive to us as a means of accepted payment.”

There are innumerous schools accepting crypto as payment or offering cryptocurrency and blockchain classes. If you are interested in embracing the technology with authority invest in the educational classes near you.

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