The Rise of Females in Cryptos & Tech – Call to action. Where all ma ladies at?

The Rise of Females in Cryptos & Tech – Call to action. Where all ma ladies at?

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Women seem to be the hot topic of the moment, from the polemic Captain Marvel movie to all sorts of articles about the participation of women in the tech world, which is leading us to question the roles of women in society in general, but especially in male-predominant sectors like technology.

This transitional period is causing a commotion because whenever women are placed in a leadership position or “the boss position” the world, men and women (sadly) react uncomfortably.

A male and a female in a leadership role could use the same set of rules, attitudes (like arrogance), and demands, and while males will be perceived as strong leaders, women will be seen as bossy, arrogant and so on. We are part of a generation that wants to have and understand the equality mentality, yet it has been raised so to speak by the standards of inequality, and it is having a hard time transitioning.

One article asked, “Is the world trying too hard to compensate for what women have missed out on?” — the writer goes on about how women are feeling the pressure to be, act and speak like men in order to fit in, which I am not agreeing nor disagreeing, but I wonder if women are just being the boss, performing in their boss roles and positions and if we are reacting uncomfortably towards such women who delegate.

Are we prejudicing towards leadership when women are the ones setting the rules and giving the orders? Is this what we are calling trying too hard?

Another article about an event for Women in Mobile said “I was left with the feeling we can do so much better for women in technology. Not that these particular women can do better — take a look at their bios and you will be as impressed as I am. They obviously care about and are working to advance opportunities for women. But we can do better about respecting each other, and treating the women in our industry as equals to men. This event should not have felt second-class to all the other events I attended and networked at across the city over the week, but unfortunately, it did.”

It turns out that equality in the smallest details is (obviously) much harder than it seems, solely because we have learned and unconsciously accepted that women are second-class citizens, they are treated as less even by other women who unconsciously (deep inside) see women as less than men. We fought for leadership and when we start reaching it at a high level somehow it gets downgraded again, am I making sense?

It has come to my attention that women are so used to being treated as “second-class citizens” that they do not even notice at times when they are being treated as less because that is the norm.

I have heard women say they do not feel discriminated (in life), whether it is happening to you or other women somewhere, IT IS HAPPENING and needless to say we cannot deal with this passively. What affects some women affects us all.

Women are intimidated about the world of technology for the simple fact they recognize they are not welcome, it doesn’t matter how equipped, prepared and equivalent to men they may be; and some may be discouraged and or lack interest entirely, because we are not encouraging them, our girls, at a young age to engage in technology as we do with our boys.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain have entered the technology space changing how we see women in tech. The environment created by the ecosystem is inclusive of all old, young, men and women. So while we are struggling to fit elsewhere, here is an opportunity for women to act boldly and I am glad many are, this is the rise of women in tech!

By no means am I saying the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry isn’t led by males, it obviously is (as of now), but because it is in its formation period we can unite, start projects, get into IT classes, and dive in the ecosystem without anyone´s approval due to the permission-less impartial core of the ecosystem. The crypto community suggests it is not discriminatory because it is there for anyone to get it done, and we should take advantage of that. This is our chance to engage in this industry and create the values we desire.

The cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem was built upon new values, a new receptive ecosystem emerged allowing women to rise with their ideas and input; a brand new platform that is ready to be molded into whatever the community desires.

“Women can help define what the (crypto) culture looks like” — Nyla Rogers crater of Satoshi is Female, raising money through her charity Mama Hope to fund women-led tech groups.

During crypto´s week in New York Cindy Chin, an entrepreneur held a seminar called Women on The Block to promote inclusion in the blockchain industry.

“We think there’s an opportunity to change what has really been an all-male space […] We want to be part of the conversation, we want to drive the leadership, to be part of the deal-flow and we want to be invested in … we want the money!” — said Chin.

That´s it! We must want it. We cannot just sit back and watch and then complain men have taken over the world. We must want to be a part of the conversation, the leadership, and the investments of time and money.

“Women have a lot of opportunities in this space to really pave the way and take ownership of a lot new projects. Because it so new we, as women, can really make a lot of headway and progress in changing the future.” Sheri Kaiserman, Head of a blockchain and advisory fund Maco L.A.

The Cryptocurrency and blockchain industry has been open-minded and non-discriminatory it doesn’t matter whom you are affiliated with, your background, your location, experience level, age or race, it’s removing the unreceptive aspect of the tech society and opening an inclusive pathway for all.

Final Thought:

As T.D. Jakes says, truly great people can surround themselves with other great people and not feel intimidated because they know who they are. I don’t believe you can be truly great until you can be around great people and not feel intimidated by their greatness.

My dear ladies, we must know our greatness, we must understand how much we have to offer the tech world, and that it can indeed benefit from our communication skills, community building skills, negotiation and conflict management skills, and so much more.

Maybe you have felt like your input wouldn’t make a difference, but the truth is our input matters, especially if we do not want to continue being suppressed; in traditional societies women depend on men for financial resources and empowerment, and cryptocurrency purports freedom and empowerment for females all over the world. But for that to become reality, we need to shut-down-hard any level of coercion once embedded in us.

There are several incredible women in the crypto and blockchain market for us to get inspired.

The future belongs to technology, and that´s no news, especially when it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain; according to Future Times in 2017 investors earned over 85 billion dollars and only 5 billion were accrued to women. There is not just history to be made and freedom to be gained but also lots of cash to be hustled ladies, so let´s take charge to expand our knowledge in the field in order not to stay behind, get replaced or overpowered again.

Where are all my Asian ladies at? Africans? South Americans?

Where are all my ladies around the world!? This is a Call to Action!

Please make sure to share with all the strong and powerful women in your life! And leave some encouragement for all other women in the comments! Time to unite!

The Winco Team


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