The 5 Best Podcasts If You Are Seriously Interested in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology.

The 5 Best Podcasts If You Are Seriously Interested in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology.

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Audio blogging is better known as Podcasting has been around since the 1980´s and with the advancement of the internet APPLE and iPods happened, and as usual, APPLE has been way ahead of everyone else who did not pick up the pace until now. According to Edison Research, back in 2015, not even 50% of Americans 12 or older knew what podcasts were. In 2018 the number of users has doubled since 2017 from 12% to 26% of the American population 12 or older. Today there are more than 115, 000 podcasts in English.

The reason for such rapid growth?

CONVENIENCE. Loads of great information in an easy and accessible format is absolutely appealing to this generation.

What’s changed? People have changed; they want things to be faster, simpler, and more convenient. Cryptos, Blockchains, and Podcasts are the very best expressions of that. People no longer want to be told what or when to do things; they want to break the cycles and systems and make their own lifestyle rules.

You can listen to podcasts LITERALLY from anywhere and at any time, from your desktop, from your iPod or simply by using your phone on your way to work, school, to pick up the kids, running, walking, whatever!

If you have an iPhone it most likely already came with the Podcast app, if not just download it from the app store for free. If you´re using Android, just download it from the Google Play Store and search for Google Podcasts.

There’s a podcast for everyone! 

Every podcast picked for this article is suitable for beginners and experts. Even if you do not know a thing about the industry, the beauty about podcasts is that it removes the intimidating aspects of learning; you can listen and replay at your own privacy.

You obviously don’t want to be MIA! So how about we get you listening and acquiring top-notch information, news, and even learning from experts in the field right from the comfort of your own home? Office? Car?

Shall We?


“The Average Consumer´s Guide to Cryptocurrency”

They won the Crypto Influencer Awards 2018 — Podcast Category! They interview experts in the industry, with a broad set of topics like “Women in blockchain”, “Masternodes” & the dark side of “Fake Communities, volumes and products”, all which you can check out right from the website or the podcast app. As you can see this is literally CRYPTO 101- ALL ABOUT CRYPTOS! Hosted by Matthew Aaron and Aaron Paul, who also hosts ICO101, which needless to say it focuses on Initial Coin Offerings. They also offer great blog posts for extra information on their website.


I have mentioned about this podcast previously on one of our blog posts “ The 12 Best Resources for Cryptocurrency Beginners”, this podcast is referred by many and do not think for a minute it’s only a coincidence.

Hosted by Laura Shin, a Forbs Editor managing coverages about the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. She is a co-lead reporter on the Forbs Fintech 50 List and so bringing a lot of innovative content to the platform.

UNCHAINED has an insightful interview aspect where Laura is very unafraid and challenging with her questions.

Even though this is a very fancy podcast indeed, it also caters to beginners who should not feel intimidated to join.

The Third Web (formerly known as The Ether Review)

Hosted by Arthur Falls a freelance blockchain consultant. The show features quick 20–45 minute episodes with interviews, news, updates, opinions, and analysis from the Ethereum world.

Ledger Cast 

As a relatively new podcast, they have been around since December 2017 podcasting for crypto traders and enthusiasts. Lots of good trading-strategy talks, news, technical analysis, fundamentals, and more.

Hosted by Josh Olszewicz and Brian Krogsgard

Blockchain INSIDER 

“Blockchain Insider — a dedicated weekly podcast catering for all your bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency needs.”

This Podcast goes beyond cryptos, with long episodes of 1+ hours, they cover all about Bitcoin, blockchain and distributed ledger technology in general. With guest speakers and news.

Hosted by Colin Platt, Simon Taylor, Sara Feenan, and Sara Kocianski.

Final Thought

· If you are somebody who´s time is limited: PODCASTS ARE FOR YOU.

· If you are someone who´s lifestyle doesn’t allow you to sit and learn: PODCASTS ARE FOR YOU.

· If you are someone running around with kids and whenever you can stop to do anything you have no more energy: PODCASTS ARE FOR YOU.

Do you know somebody who could benefit from them? Please tag them in the comments or copy the link and share. There´s a great podcast for everyone, not only in the crypto and blockchain industry but of any topic you can possibly think of!

Which out-of-the-5-podcasts meantioned above would you be more likely to listen to? Why? Do you already have a favorite that wasn’t listed here? Don´t be greedy! Share with us in the comments.

The Winco Team


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