Cryptocurrency is well-known for its decentralized non-prejudice characteristics. It has no age limit, no race, no gender, and it is indeed for everyone. But who has truly embraced it? Who are the people holding these platforms together? Where are the users? Understanding the cryptocurrency public community might give us a good insight of just how … Read moreCRYPTOCURRENCY USERS, WHO ARE THEY?


  What does cryptocurrency represent to you? Maybe it has been a good experiment, learning how money functions, and new technologies, new mechanisms, a direct connection to the world, blockchains, anonymity etc. But for some countries it might represent a new start, an alternative currency that might save an entire nation. Greece is a representation … Read moreDID GREECE PULL OUT OF DEBT USING CRYPTOCURRENCY? Bitcoin In A Financial Crisis.

Cryptocurrency volatility, volume and liquidity

Volatility: liability to change rapidly and unpredictably. Volume: the amount or quantity of something, especially when great. Liquidity: describes the degree to which an asset or security can be quickly bought or sold in the market without affecting the asset’s price. Cryptocurrency volatility is certain, fluctuates quite a bit and it scares many investors, when compared to … Read moreCryptocurrency volatility, volume and liquidity

Cryptocurrency Exchanges: DEX and CEX

A decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (dex) is a website or application where buyers and sellers come together to exchange crypto/crypto or fiat/crypto, which means fiduciary money or paper money like U.S. dollar. This is a peer to peer exchange, the exchange does not hold anyone´s coin or information, and there are no middle-men. The exchange does not serve like a … Read moreCryptocurrency Exchanges: DEX and CEX

Dear Partners, We made it to CoinGecko!

Indeed we did!  You probably have already heard about the reputed CoinGecko price listing system, in case you have not please allow us to introduce you our newest partner in our cryptocurrency journey. Let us first start by saying we couldn’t be more pleased to be listed at, and in the next lines you … Read moreDear Partners, We made it to CoinGecko!

Cryptocurrency Scalability

What is scalability? Scalability refers to the performance, a characteristic of a company´s system. It is a processing ability to perform at high demand, showing it has the capability to successfully handle increases. Cryptocurrencies must be scalable. It is an important characteristic to search for when choosing a coin or token to invest. Let´s take a … Read moreCryptocurrency Scalability

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