Cryptocurrency Vocabulary For Beginners

Address: an address is a code used to send, receive or store cryptocurrency. See Private & Public Key. Airdrop: is a procedure of distributing tokens by awarding them to existing holders of a particular blockchain currency like Winco or Ethereum. Air-gapped: no direct connection to the internet. Altcoin: Stands for alternative coin it is any digital coin other than Bitcoin, the first digital coin. … Read moreCryptocurrency Vocabulary For Beginners

Will Real Estate Finally Be Available On E-commerce? Yes Thanks To Cryptocurrency & Blockchain!

2018 is revealing itself as the year for blockchain and cryptocurrency in the real-estate market. A massive adoption of these cryptos has been taking place as real-estate agencies adapt to the blockchain system. In the past 6 months, according to the Coin Market Cap price listing, total cryptocurrency market cap has reached 600 Billion USD, … Read moreWill Real Estate Finally Be Available On E-commerce? Yes Thanks To Cryptocurrency & Blockchain!

How does Ethereum work?

Before reading this article, we recommend you read What is Ethereum. Ethereum’s process can be seen as layers and here is our attempt to explain it in very simple terms, non-technical in case you are an expert. So, let’s try do this… First layer is made up of computers processing, sharing and updating data overtime (blockchain). Second is … Read moreHow does Ethereum work?

Ethereum’s Platform Update

First, a basic understanding about Ethereum: Ethereum is a platform based on blockchain technology that gives developers a base to create decentralized applications. Smart contracts is one of the main characteristics of Ethereum, it is a computer code that facilitates exchanges of value. Once all criteria are met, the contract will self-execute. And last but not … Read moreEthereum’s Platform Update

WorldCoinindex, how does it work?

Worldcoinindex has over 400 currencies listed and works 24/7 changing at every second and positioning it in the best category for cryptocurrency price listing and news. But how does it work? They are based out of the most popular coin: BITCOIN. The bitcoin index is the only market with global fiat currency, for example: BTC/USD BTC/EUR, … Read moreWorldCoinindex, how does it work?

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