How to use Simex Exchange

How to use Simex Exchange

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The Winco Team is proud to announce our newest collaboration: Simex, one of our exchange representatives. And with simple steps show you how to enroll in this DIGITAL ASSET EXCHANGE SYSTEM.

But why should you join? You might ask…

I can give you 5 good reasons to join Simex:

1. With Simex you can start investing with as little as 10 bucks, YES, I said 10 freaking bucks! $$
2. You can make a deal with just 2 clicks.
3. You can earn money online by using any affiliates of Simex with withdrawal of real money.
4. You can deposit or withdraw money online by using payment systems like VISA and MASTERCARD.
5. Secondary Market.

You like it don’t ya? We do too!

Here is how you can get right into it, First log onto: 

You will have to create an account: click on the blue button SIGN UP:

Once you click on JOIN NOW you will hit a screen like this one:

Check your email and follow the instructions. Now you have an account but you must verify your information, this is what gives security to every user.

Login and click on the upper right hand side “little-man icon”  and this is what you should see, click on FINANCE:

Now, click on DEPOSIT. You will hit a screen just like this one where you will see step by step verification with its status:

Once everything has been verified you are ready to trade.

-The Winco Team, You’re Welcome. 


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