How can I send the right message to my crypto audience (or any audience) without being a marketing expert? The beginning of my journey…

How can I send the right message to my crypto audience (or any audience) without being a marketing expert? The beginning of my journey…

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arketing a business can be a scary thing, it seems like you must be bornwith a set-of-skills to be able to make it work, and when I say set-of-skills I mean DIVINE SUPERNATURAL GIFTS or else you are doomed.

This is a bit about my journey trying to comprehend marketing, some bits I´ve learned which have been helping me to get started. I have chosen to start with finding the right message for my audience: knowing my audience.

I know it sounds obvious, but during my studies I was completely shocked to see how many businesses fail for not knowing or assuming they know their audience, they do not fail because their product sucks but rather because they are not speaking to the right people.

This means you could have an amazing freaking product and still fail. That´s insane!

As a crypto writer, I do not want to miss my audience, this is one of the first things you learn as a writer, but I admit that I have not put enough effort into learning deeply about my audience until now. Shame on me.

It seems like an easy concept, but you must really sit this through to deeply understand who your “avatar” is, as they call it in the marketing world.

So, what do they like? What are they searching for? Who exactly are they? Where are they? Age? Gender? Pains? Problems? Education? Social class?

The questions are endless, and the more you know, the deeper will be your message all across. Your message will find your audience because it will speak right to them, and this is precisely what we aspire which is to get our message throughly and effectively.

After pondering on the subject I realized that part of this should be a natural process, many of the answers are already within us but we do not realize it, which makes it hard for us to put in on paper.

We must go inside ourselves and draw it out, cliché I know, but think about it, if I have chosen to sell or own something I must be passionate about it, right? And the reasons why I am passionate about it may naturally be the same reasons others will fall in love with it as well.

So what has made me fall in love with my product? We should be able to quickly answer this, if not ask yourself: Am I even passionate about it?

If there is no passion then it just might be the wrong niche for you or for me in that matter, because many of the answers we are seeking for, will come through our passion for what we are offering, and people know it, they feel it when you offer something out of passion and true conviction, or not.

That passion alone makes for an attractive message.

So in order to get a great message across, we must know our audience and be passionate about our product. We must know in details all the benefits of it and the kind of problems it solves, the reason for it´s existance, as copywriter Kristina Adams says — Don´t tell your audience what your product does, tell them why it does it.”

Why should anyone want to read my message?

Dan Lok a billionaire entrepreneur says “People do not buy their way into something, they buy their way out of something.”

In other words, people are constantly seeking to get out of something that causes them some type of discomfort, that´s their pain, that´s the reason Tylenol sells more than vitamin C, products that get people out of “something” sells more than products that prevent it; People do not care about prevention (unfortunately) they care about cure.

“Human beings will do almost anything to avoid pain and to gain pleasure.” — Tony Robins

Humans buy their way through life getting out of pain and into pleasure, and that´s just plain human psychology and it works beautifully for sells.

I have learned that people want to communicate, they are willing to listen to messages about products that can somehow alleviate their way out of something, whether it is a pair of socks or cryptocurrency.

So the answer to the question above is: people will want to read my (your) message because I (you) will make sure to do my (your) best so that it will give them a solution to guide them out of their pain.

This is where we get to empathize with our audience, conduct surveys, ask questions, personally interact through social media (not superficially), we want them to know we care, and they should feel cared for.

For several reasons we hesitate to use emotions when it comes to business, because we are afraid of sounding vulnerable and to lack professionalism, but as Dan Lok also says, “the truth is people do not buy with logic”, it doesn’t matter the niche or sector, they buy with emotions and then justify with logic, people buy stories, they buy what makes them feel something, and then they try to justify it with why it is acceptable to have it; and we are responsible for giving them the feels for wanting and the logic for why they should have it.

I finally understood that that´s just human nature, and speaking effectively and directly to those emotions is not a lack of professionalism but rather a clever persuasion yet with integrity. This persuasion means you are speaking to the part of them that needs your product and they may not even know they need it, and that your product will (at least it should) ethically do what it says it will do, no bogus.

Would you be okay with that? I sure am fine with anyone selling me something I actually need and may not even know I need it, especially if that product will do me well.

Acknowledging this has given me an entirely new view of my audience and what I can present them with; If I am passionate about my product and what it can do for people, and if I care enough to empathize with their fears then I just might be on my way to delivering VALUE to my audience through authenticity and transparency.

Once I´ve grasped the information about my client’s “pain” I am able to search for the demographics within that “pain”, so asking (many) questions is the way to go.

You will notice that one question will lead you to the next all you have to do is start asking. The more questions you can come up with the more you will find out about your business and your audience. And this is how you will build your strategy.

For example, let´s say you own a cryptocurrency for businesses, a business can be lots of things, right? So start by defining the business category like real- estate; now in which real estate sector? Commerce. Who are the real estate vendors in the commerce sector for real estate? Are they mostly males or females? What is their age? What region do you want to conquer? Who are your competitors within that region? What are they doing that you are not? What are their customers saying? What are their complaints or criticisms? What are their reviews saying?

See how that goes? You can explore every angle possible. It´s imperative to write everything down so you can keep up with all your results.

Next, another effective communication skill I am investing in is storytelling, as I have mentioned above people buy stories! I know because I am a sucker for stories, and most likely so are you whether you know it or not. But why are we such suckers for stories? Because it leads us to relate, empathize and trust — it plays with our hormones, oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins.

Storytelling is where we may get to tell why our product exists, the backstage stories, stories about your team, why these people have chosen to be a part of your project? What has led them to know your project? And even the failures that have led your business to grow and even testimonials.

Storytelling allows us to be creative, vulnerable and move outside our conservative lines.

This is a great strategy because it creates a funnel of its own, you tell a story and it will naturally lead to the next step which is for the people who “buy” your story to buy your product, or give you their contact so they can acquire more information about it.

One way to find ideas and inspiration is to look at what your competitors are doing, how else would you compete with the market leaders?

I know this is something many people find morally wrong, and I used to hesitate a lot about this because I wanted to create something entirely new, but the truth is nothing is created everything is transformed. There will always be a new way of doing something that already exists. Studying growth hacking has taught me how okay it is to study my competitors and even become a part of their stream if I can, you should check out Dropbox´s storyas well as Airbnb!

Eventually, somebody will also do that to you (be ready for it) and to your product, and you will have to reinvent yourself again and again, and that´s just how any business rolls, “copying” is inevitable and innovation is key. Please try your best to understand what I am trying to say, I am not inviting you to straight out copy anyone´s product because that would be illegal, but rather be inspired by it and reinvent it, transform it, renew it. And study a little about Growth Hacking you will know what I mean.

And to close this up, the hardest part after gathering all of this information is actually putting it into practice, but the only way to get it right is to do it over and over and over again. You might fail many times until you get it right, and that is okay. Just remember that.


1. Find you passion and sell it, and don’t sell it if you don’t love it;

2. Define your audience in details;

3. Define your product in details;

4. Empathize (for real);

5. Tell your story, your team´s story, tell stories!

6. Study your competitors, and don’t feel guilty about it.

7. Practice, practice and practice. It´s okay to fail even if it is more times than you expected, just keep on writing.

Final Thought

I know this it is not our typical content in this blog, but I wanted to share this because first I am sure there are many people standing where I am at right now, lost and not knowing where to start. Second, because since I have acquired some “bits” to get started, I figured somebody else could also benefit from them.

And of course, remember the Divine Supernatural Gifts? Yeah, no way out of that my friend (sorry) you will need them (lol), if you weren’t born with them then you must run after them, copywriting tools and secrets that is. You must put energy into learning, and it can take years to master it, do not get frustrated for not getting it right away as I did (now I know better), take your time to keep on learning how to make it your own, choose to keep on growing!

I hope you have been able to acquire some its n´bits of your own out of this.

Please let me know your thoughts on this topic, I would love to hear from you, and about your journey, tactics, and strategies. ❤

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