Do we really need cryptocurrency?

Do we really need cryptocurrency?

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Cryptocurrency is not like cash yet but it will be. As of right now they are considered property instead of currency by most governments, which explains why cryptocurrencies are so popular in the real-estate sector.
Many companies like Winco are already creating paths for you and me to use our cryptos as part of our daily lives. And sooner than we think we will have cryptocurrency be accepted everywhere, because that’s all it takes for us to be able to use them, more companies to accept it. Simple. And it’s already happening.
Well-established companies like Microsoft, Subway, Expedia, McDonald’s, Wikipedia… and many others are already accepting cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is making their own way into our future.

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“Cryptocurrency will replace national currencies in the future, by 2030 they will have displaced at least 25% of FIAT because they are much more efficient in the way they run.” –Said Thomas Frey a futurist entrepreneur.

Efficiency is the key word here. In the world we are living today, there is nothing more important, so it seems, than efficiency. We want things done well and we want them fast. With artificial intelligence 1 robot can do the job of 6 humans and we seem VERY excited about that.

With cryptocurrency blockchain is no different, effectiveness is one of the most important aspects of it. It is much faster than dealing with third parties like banks, and much more secure as well.


the state or quality of being efficient;
an action designed to achieve this;
the ratio of the useful work performed by a machine or in a process to the total energy expended or heat taken in.
isn’t it interesting how it specifically mentions “performed by a machine”? lol just saying…

The pace humans have desired for things is inevitably growing. Its unstoppable. People want things to work faster than they naturally could, and so replacing humans with robots.

The search for efficiency is great, when it doesn’t compromise humanity’s quality of life. It should add to it, not subtly destroy it. After all, if it causes harm it can’t be called efficiency, which is where we get lost and confused running so viciously after it.

“Research led by Oxford Martin School finds widespread adoption of vegetarian diet would cut food-related emissions by 63% and make people healthier too” _The

You must be thinking “what does that have anything to do with cryptos? Well nothing, but I have a point I promise.

We have been told that if we eat less meat we could help global warming, well… have we? No, we have not, the meat industry grows every single day destroying with the Ozone layer. All because we want more things at a faster pace doesn’t matter what takes to get it.

Because we eat way more meat and animal products than we should as humans, we have to repeatedly induce animals to produce something they cannot naturally produce. That alone should be an alert, we should not desire something that should be natural to have to start being manipulated just so that we could have more of it, even though it will have no quality.

Why would we want to eat fake “natural foods”? Or why would you and I want fake tomatoes? Why do I want to drink so much milk to the point cows must be induced over and over until they die just to produce an unnatural quantity of milk without any quality?

The pace and the way we have chosen to do things are reflecting in our world, nature is screaming. Whenever we choose to mess with the natural ways of life there will always be an affect, that may not be so good.

We must learn to add our growing desire to “effectiveness” to the right things, and make sure it does what it says it does, and that it adds to humanity’s quality of life.

Just like Cryptos!

It is said that people make decisions based on personal values and personal gains. So, it is important to understand our mindset to be able to see how cryptocurrency will fit into our future.

Cryptocurrency blockchain will set humans to reach places we never thought possible in just a couple of decades from now, because it carries a level of speed, and the real efficiency we thirst for daily, which explains why we have fallen in love with it so fervently.

Efficiency = quality, quantity, security, useful and speed, Cryptocurrency blockchain is all of it, so it is inevitable it will be all over our future, like butter on a butter-roll. Cheesy I know.

The OPER-SOURCENESS of the crypto blockchain brings a reliable security that focuses on anti-corruption, and it doesn’t have to be at the cost of losing human quality of life. As a matter of fact, cryptocurrency blockchain brings effectiveness along with real quality, reaching out to places, bringing in resources, connecting peers in ways they’d never be able to acquire had it not been for this technology.

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Here is what makes cryptocurrency irresistible and an inevitable part of our future, expect:

• Better transactions and transfers of value and assets.
• More confidentiality and privacy.
• Less transaction fees than banks or third-parties
• Cryptocurrency blockchain is reaching places the traditional banking system cannot at the moment. According to Finjen Cybersecurity there are 2.2 Billion people across the globe, who happen to have access to internet but do not have access to the traditional banking systems. Cryptocurrency opens doors to a new financial system all around the world, because the blockchain it runs upon happens to be a global online database that people can use from anywhere as long as they have internet.
• Convenience, access from home, office, cell phone…etc.
• Better International trading, you can connect directly with anyone in the world.
• Ownership. Traditional banking leads you to hand over your money and trust third parties with your eyes closed. With cryptographic blockchain you have solo ownership. Shouldn’t you?
• Cryptocurrency Flexibility. Cryptos can be used for so many different things, to transfer value, store wealth, investments, get access to services, and some even get to buy Lamborghinis

. The possible uses will be endless.
• Extreme security and privacy.

Cryptocurrency blockchain is opening the horizons an advancement towards technology we didn’t think was possible 10 years ago. Financial sectors, education, healthcare and many other sectors of life need the assertiveness, transparency, & accuracy cryptocurrency blockchain brings to the table.

As the world gets to see what cryptocurrency has to offer, I do not see anything that could possibly reverse the effect it has already caused.

Do we need cryptocurrency blockchain ecosystem in our future? The answer is: ABSOLUTLY.

As mentioned above, the immense amount of benefits in all areas of life gives us the certainty cryptocurrency blockchain has come to make things easier, faster, better, and more secure for all humans. Cryptocurrency doesn’t discriminate, it is for everyone, and for that we say the FUTURE will be much better with cryptocurrency blockchain.

As somebody said:
Remember, cryptocurrency is many things to many people.
• Cryptocurrency is 24x7x365
• Cryptocurrency is internet 2.0
• Cryptocurrency is global
• Cryptocurrency is technology
• Cryptocurrency is open-source software
• Cryptocurrency is an internet protocol
• Cryptocurrency is decentralized database
• Cryptocurrency is a distributed public ledger
• Cryptocurrency is peer-to-peer value communication
• Cryptocurrency is a payment layer for the Internet
• Cryptocurrency is a value transfer system
• Cryptocurrency is a speculation platform
• Cryptocurrency is a geo-political hedge
• Cryptocurrency is a fiat currency hedge
• Cryptocurrency is electronic cash
• Cryptocurrency is digital
• Cryptocurrency is an asset
• Cryptocurrency is a commodity
• Cryptocurrency is property
• Cryptocurrency is a virtual good
• Cryptocurrency is gold 2.0
• Cryptocurrency is money
• Cryptocurrency is mathematics
• Cryptocurrency is innovation
• Cryptocurrency is financial inclusion
• Crypto is freedom

Crypto is …a revolution.

Disclaimer: the opinions expressed in this article are not intended to replace the advice of an investment advisor. Invest at your own risk.


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