Dear Partners, We made it to CoinGecko!

Dear Partners, We made it to CoinGecko!

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Indeed we did!

 You probably have already heard about the reputed CoinGecko price listing system, in case you have not please allow us to introduce you our newest partner in our cryptocurrency journey.

Let us first start by saying we couldn’t be more pleased to be listed at, and in the next lines you shall find out why.

CoinGecko is a cryptocurrency price listing based out of Singapore that quantitatively evaluates the potential of a cryptocurrency based on public data. Offering accurate price listings, trustable ICOs, exchanges, events and trends.

Their story began with founders Bobby Ong, a University College London Economics Graduate and TM Lee, a Purdue University Computer Science Graduate, not content with the quantitative way of measuring a coin´s worth by using market capitalization (price x supply)only; they started evaluating other methods to estimate the potential of alternative cryptocurrencies.

“We wanted to help people make more quantitative decisions before buying cryptocurrencies and help provide a 360 degree overview by looking at a lot more metrics.”

They aimed to collect all quantitative data necessary to quantitatively rank the potential of a coin by using these metrics: market capitalization, trading volume, community, developer and public interest.

And CoinGecko´s innovative price listing system was born.

CG has collaborated in cryptocurrency research alongside with several reputed universities as Western University Canada and Zu Berlin Humboldt University.

Supported by the Malaysian Government, MaGIC and were sent to Stanford University for a 2 weeks programme to learn from the best companies in Silicon Valley.

CoinGecko´s respected and credible reputation has been cited by several well-known media sites as:

Published on the following books:

Winco is proud to announce to all of our partners our newest partnership, please visit their website and get to know their services:


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