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Cryptocurrency is well-known for its decentralized non-prejudice characteristics. It has no age limit, no race, no gender, and it is indeed for everyone.

But who has truly embraced it? Who are the people holding these platforms together? Where are the users?

Understanding the cryptocurrency public community might give us a good insight of just how diverse it is and help us to direct cryptocurrency to where we want it to go.

The cryptocurrency blockchain ecosystem proposal is that we should all have a saying in it.

It is quite difficult to determine an accurate number of cryptocurrency users, since there are thousands of coins and tokens in the market and the anonymity nature of the tech creates barriers in knowing what the numbers are definitively.

One way may be by counting the wallets, which still would not give us an accurate number because one person may have many wallets, but it would give us an estimate. Etherscan demographics show there are almost 40 million Ethereum wallets as of July 24, 2018.

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The number of blockchain wallet users worldwide in 2018 is of almost 24M according to The numbers just seem so contradicting.

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So, in this blog post we might share a few numbers but we will be looking into the following categories, Millennials, Women, Economically Troubled, Whales and Believers, the cryptocurrency “personalities”.

When you bring in the feverous passion of the young, the cautious, sensitive, intuitive and intelligent ways of women, the believers and investors bringing in the cash, stability and liquidity, the troubled countries bringing in movement and demand of cryptocurrency in less fortunate situations, collectively they all generate usage, solutions and creating a strong community, and inevitably strong coins.

In the long-run there will be solid uses, liquidity, growth, and less volatility.

Together we expand the technology evolving cryptocurrency blockchain.

Even 10 years later, since the first cryptocurrency has ever been presented to us in a white paper, we are still in the beginning but in a stage where cryptocurrencies are already a part of everyday use for some.

Cryptocurrency is already generating jobs, like mine a cryptocurrency blogger! And our entire Winco team and company.

Winco has other several companies within itself all based in cryptocurrencies. Cryptos have inspired the innovation of retail, real-state and even investments.

Jobs in blockchains and technology have grown by 621%, according to


Millennials in its definition refers to a group of people born starting, more or less, in the 1980s into the 2000s.

Those were the years when the entirely new digital world came about.

Millennials are naturally inclined to the NEW.

This is a generation ready to embrace new technology, new mechanisms, because they happen to be the first generation to live digitalized lives.

With cryptocurrency it has not been any different; millennials have embraced it like no one else.

We have mentioned Erik Finman a couple of times around here, a high-school dropout who became a millionaire by 18 through investing in Bitcoin from its birth stage.

Age range between 25 and 34 make up about 39% of cryptocurrency users according to bitcoin demographics by

“I think the crypto market is attractive to millennials because it’s a space with both a lot of growth and risk. People who are 40+ years of age are likely settled down with a career and family and less inclined to get into such a quick growth, volatile field. It’s been the same way with startup founders over the past 2 decades. Millennials also seem to be much more digitally literate than Gen X or baby boomers.” — Said Chris Castiglione, who cofounded One Month and teaches a Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies course — (via Forbes by Laurence Bradford)


In 2018, women are considered the growing audience in cryptocurrency.

Market Studies performed by London Block Exchange, states that at the beginning of the year women had a 6% participation in cryptos, which has now doubled after 6 months, bringing women to a 13% of users involved with cryptocurrency.

That means 1 out of 8 women are now interested in cryptos.

Women have been very skeptical about cryptocurrencies, as they are by nature. While men, have been extremely risky, losing thousands in several well-known scams.

But is the reason why women have not gotten as involved?

Women in tech have always been an issue. It is said that girls are not taught, nor encouraged to search for careers in technology, and that the financial and tech fields happen to be very prejudice when it comes to women.

In cryptocurrency mining and core development for example it is predominantly males who happen to hold those positions.

But conversations are happening all over, if you search YouTube you will find many conferences of women into cryptocurrency.

(Let us know in the comments what you think of women in tech.)

Women bring solutions to the table by nature, as men seem to think of cryptocurrency blockchain as money, money and money. Women cautiously see solutions.

According to Beme News via Youtube, there is a biological reason for this, and testosterones are to blame, which is said to lead men to take more risks than women.

But is that good or bad? Well that’s debatable…

You might want to watch Beme News to find out.

Whatever the reason for such differences, debates among women into cryptos shows clearly how women see the new technologies in an entirely different light from men. But in conjunction, women and men create a good balance.

Women are solving problems with cryptocurrency blockchain ecosystem, using the technology by becoming an active part in it like never before and extending it to bring solutions their communities, work places, homes and families.

Women´s solidity is important to cryptocurrency.

You should research for projects about women promoting cryptocurrencies, like Mama Hope, founded by CEO Nyla Rodgers.

In November, 2017 they launched a project called Crypto For a Cause, raising cryptocurrency impact by making a difference in so many people´s lives. During the get together they were the famous t-shirts that said #SatoshiIsFemalethey


The world is about to collapse in a ginormous debt, as fiat fails, as concluded and affirmed by financial adviser Mike Maloney.

Early Warning — by Mike Maloney

The world has been on a wave of deep debts, and due to these debts many nations are suffering economically like never before, like Greece, Colombia, Brazil, South Africa, Ghana and Nigeria.

Many countries in crisis have turned to cryptocurrency as a safe haven, Japan and Greece. This is a way to generate income without being attached to their local coin, or government.

In other words, cryptocurrency is not affected by any government, none the less fiat currencies.

“In South Africa for example, the number of new users trading bitcoin rose by 671 percent from January to the end of November last year over the same period in 2016, more than the 574 percent overall growth.” according to eToro analyst Mati Greenspan.

You might want to check out how these countries have turned to cryptocurrency during hard times:




What or who are the Whales?

These are the big money guys, they are known for holding a large amount of cryptocurrencies and that makes them a significant part of the cryptocurrency world.

Unfortunately, because they hold large amounts of coins, it becomes a cause for concern in a decentralized platform that a group of people could have the power to manipulate the market.


Cryptocurrency is only 10 years old and is still in its infancy, they are still very volatile and unstable, so we call the believers in crypto: speculators, even though many may self-title as traders and investors, it just might be too early for that. Until cryptocurrency takes a solid form, it is considered only a speculative market, and so anyone that may take a part in cryptocurrency is a speculator.

Speculators are the true cryptocurrency believers.

This group is the most important part of the cryptocurrency users because they are the ones investing consciously, in educating themselves about the ecosystem, seeking to understand the volatility of cryptocurrency on a regular basis, sharing good safety measures on how to ride the market waves, actively participating in the communities and adding to the healthy participation in the cryptocurrency world.

They invest only what they can afford to lose out of their own pocket, and are in a serious relationship with the market awaiting patiently as it grows. Keeping their psychological balanced through all the volatility, trusting in the potential of the cryptocurrency blockchain ecosystem.


Cryptocurrency is not prejudice, it is said to be for everyone, men, women, young, old, and of all nations and races.

But is it?

According to Lui Smyth a researcher at University College London performed a survey that resulted in a scary demographic of 93% of cryptocurrency users being male and white.

This should not come as a surprise since the technology and financial sectors have similar demographics.

“If women fail to take an active interest in Bitcoin now, when it is still in its infancy and its potential is largely untapped, we will have yet another sector in which the gender is underrepresented and trailing,” — Arianna Simpson a cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Cryptocurrency in its infancy already shows many facets and traits, but it is still in its formation, and there is space for everyone, this is just the beginning and a possibility for all.

We should not sit back and watch others take part or make decisions we should also be a part of, whether you are male, female, of any race or age range, get involved into knowing the technology.

This is beyond money, it’s about knowledge.

Get into the communities; this is a pioneering phase that will change the world forever.

We are all having the chance to live something that will make history, and technical analysis says: history always repeats itself.

Well, we do not want it to repeat itself when it comes to prejudice.

We want equality.

Cryptocurrency is giving us a chance of just that. But it needs you to take an active part in it. Do not let others define your future when you (whomever you are and wherever you may be), have in your hands just as much power as anyone else.

If you have internet connection you can get involved.

At this point in time, cryptocurrency is a technology that needs to be expanded along with the blockchain.

People need to know how it works, why it works, along with all its imperfections, and get their input into perfecting those not-so-smooth-paths.

Let’s make the technology known by all, let’s teach and give others the chance to know what our future looking like from present time.

You might by asking, why is it so important for people to learn about this technology and get involved?

The more people who get involved the more usage and demand is created. Many people, many needs, many minds combined, can bring forth many solutions and usage.

After all, Cryptocurrency Blockchain has come to solve problems, not just in the financial sector as one might think, but in healthcare, education, and so on.

How can we expand the cryptocurrency community, not as investors only but as BELIEVERS?

Please let us know in the comments.

We are listening,

The Winco Team







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