EDUCATION AND JOBS in Cryptocurrency & Blockchain.

EDUCATION AND JOBS in Cryptocurrency & Blockchain.

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The Cryptocurrency & Blockchain industry is expanding rapidly and it was first seen as killing jobs.

The reason being is that the cryptocurrency blockchain peer-to-peer proposal, removes the need for third-parties, middle-men, banks, services like Pay-Pal etc.

At the Blockchain Conference in New York 2018 bankers rioted outside the conference, with reasons written all over banners, but all with the probable root in the feel that this new technology may be taking something from them.

Evolution is imminent if 1 robot can do the work force of 6 humans!

Imagine that?

Cryptocurrencies, blockchain systems and artificial intelligence, are already here, with no intentions of going anywhere.

The loss of jobs is indeed an inevitable situation, and some positions will forcefully become outdated as this digitalized world takes over.

But please understand it´s a replacement of jobs more than the killing of jobs per se.

As the generations right in between these historical changes, we may suffer some losses, but we shall also gain much, because with the new technologies also comes NEW JOBS.

These will be jobs we have never seen before, because they were not necessary previously, or they might be a reinvention of already existing jobs and careers.

Cryptocurrency blockchain startups require marketing, legal matters, developers, designers, accountants, bloggers and writers, education and teaching jobs, schools and more.

So if you have a degree or certification in any of these areas you CAN adapt to enter the industry.

People are now reinventing what they do to make fit this new world.

Lawyers entering the crypto industry, now have to become proficient in programing to be able to properly assist the cryptocurrency companies, who inevitably need lawyers more than any other financial sector at the moment, most likely.

Ivan on Tech” on Youtube for example, he started programing when he was just 9 years old, he had to reinvent himself learn enough about blockchain, and today has a new life-style travelling all over the world teaching about the blockchain. He also makes videos on Youtube to others about the topic.

In our Winco Team, our entire team is composed of front ends, back ends, full stack developers, engineers, mathematicians, designers, even former Youtube gurus and many other titles, we all came in with all sorts of skills that had to be adapted to cryptocurrency.

And it is turning out pretty awesome, thank you.

Because this is a new technology many companies like IBM for example, are willing to train people for the new jobs, even as they are learning it themselves. No one truly, really knows how it all works out yet, but as long as you are curious enough you can learn and adapt as well.

How to find cryptocurrency jobs?

Nowadays it is not hard at all, fintech jobs are now burning HOT.

“According to research from job search site Indeed, job postings mentioning “blockchain”, “bitcoin” or “cryptocurrency” have increased by 621% since November 2015. And supply is growing along with demand: they also report a 1,065% growth in searches for jobs mentioning those three terms.” — writer Laurence Bradford

There are many search engines dedicated to cryptocurrency blockchain technology related jobs.


Join the active cryptocurrency communities to make connections, but as always be diligent, and careful with malicious entities.

Be willing to study about cryptocurrency and blockchain, Youtube has several good videos teaching all sorts of information about the industry, and the best part it is FREE.

Are you a banker? You might want to join cryptocurrency exchanges. Even though they do not operate like a bank, you might be able to redirect and apply your skills into a team behind the trading platforms.

You just might want to reinvent yourself all together.

Meet with so many Cryptocurrency job positions in the U.S. in : Cryptocurrency Reporters, Cryptocurrency Traders, Analysts, Community managers, Quantitative Researchers, Sales, Data Engineers, Content Marketing Managers, Journalists, Technical Associates, Media Editor, Developers, bloggers… the positions are endless.

With all the new cryptocurrency coins, blockchains and startups come thousands of new jobs generated daily.

AngelList is a company with 25,748 of the world’s best tech companies and startups, offering thousands of cryptocurrency tech, blockchain and startup jobs in Japan.

LinkedIn a very popular business application holds several cryptocurrency and blockchain positions without being limited by a region; you can find job positions all over the world. best search engine for cryptocurrency jobs in Australia. is a large job search engine not limited to a region, with job offers all over the world but very popular search engine for Cryptocurrency jobs in Canada.

Your job search in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has more platforms than we could count!

Take it a step further by going to a cryptocurrency and blockchain technology school, and there are several universities offering courses in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies all over the world.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Education

The London School of Economics and Politics Science is opening the doors to the cryptocurrency world offering a Cryptonomics new course called “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption”, where one will learn about the technology and the market supporting the crypto industry — this is a reverenced institute known as LSE with an alumni director honorably carrying names like John F. Kennedy, Bertrand Russell, and Friedrich von Hayek and others.

Oxford Blockchain Course can have you with an entire new set of skills dominating the new technology in only 6 weeks with their online classes.

Cornell University: providing business education and certification since 1865 now offering blockchain classes.

UDEMYis an online learning platform with a headquarters in San Francisco, California but offering online courses available and affordable all over the world.

Princeton University: offers a cryptocurrency course on the online learning platform Coursera.

Learntocodewith.mecan teach you an entirely new career in cryptocurrency industry.

To help you pick your course or classes here is a list of the “Top 5 Cryptocurrency Jobs Right Now” put together by Cristina Comben, a technology and finance specialist, copywriter, and a B2B reporter.

Here it is:

1. Cryptocurrency data scientist.

2. Cryptocurrency Project Manager.

3. Smart Contract Developer.

4. Ethereum Developer.

5. Blockchain Engineer/Developer.

These are just some examples of the hundreds of in-person classesonline classes and schools available around the world in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.


The technology and financial industries have been predominantly male over the years of existence, but is now opening the doors for anyone to join, does not matter the age, the race, the gender or even if you already happen to have a career.

These sectors are expanding at an insane speed generating new invigorating jobs and careers.

Maybe you are looking for a new exciting path, or you just might be trying to understand the new techs and concept, and education is never too much, however you decide to get involved, do a research of your own and let us know what you find out!

Cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem is building and paving our way into the future.

Some job positions may be lost on the way, some businesses may have to change direction, because of the inevitable process, but please do not be discouraged, instead prepare yourself because there will be plenty of new opportunities brilliantly being born as you read this article.

Stay positive, see the bright side, and do not get caught up by surprise, learn about the new and position yourself, adapt to receive the best of the bright future within the technology and financial industries that will historically change our world.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and please share!

We are open for suggestions, let know the topics you might be interested in and it might become one of our future posts.

Be encouraged,

The Winco Team

PS: We advise you to always seek for good-valid information and reviews before engaging into any of the fields mentioned above. We do our best to search and bring you the best information, but we are not financial advisers and we ask that you engage at your own diligence. Thank you. 











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