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The blockchain system can be implemented in any educational system or institution per se. It can absolutely change when, how, and where people choose to acquire an education.

When it comes to education, we have been teaching the same way today as we did a thousand years ago. We have experienced a diverse growth in several areas of life, but education seems to have been left untouched. And that cannot be a good thing, right?

Educational systems around the globe have focused on lecturing for hours during a day where students get to sit and supposedly absorb. But if we look at statistics and what people have been looking for today when it comes to education, one can only assume, we are on the wrong side of the track. Let´s look at all the online learning websites, and how this has become a phenomenon. Classes are short and clear, students get to study at their best time instead of a set time, and are more concerned about acquiring a skill then academic certifications.

People are sending out a message about how they would like to learn.

There is such a diversity of people in a group of 20, 30 or even 40 people in one classroom, will they all learn the same way? Will only one way of teaching be able to reach them all efficiently?

From every aspect we analyze the educational systems around the world, it seems far off, in other words, it is primitive in fulfilling our needs in the modern world.

With the birth of blockchain, new systems are being created transforming education and eventually in a near future what we have today as a nationalistic system will soon become a global system. And it is already happening.

Here are 5 ways the blockchain technology will transform education:

1. Online Credentials and Certifications on the Blockchain.

2. Global Education — It will facilitate long distance degrees, and expats.

3. Cut down in Costs and allow for cryptocurrency payments.

4. Massive Paper replacement.

5. Free Education & an Increase in Students.

People want to go to school, people want to acquire education but the costs in every aspect are reserved for the rich and fortunate.

In today´s system trying to acquire even something as simple as a copy of a transcript is a difficult process, imagine credentials, certifications, and transfers?

Today trying to get transcripts, credentials, credits, grades from one country to another will pretty much make you want to quit going to school.

Sad but true.

The bureaucracy between the two schools in different countries is total nonsense; I know it because that is somewhat what I am going through at the moment, total frustration.

Now had my transcripts, records, attendance, credits, had it all been on a blockchain it would be a painless process. Even If I wanted to get a degree in another country from whatever part of the world, it would be a fast, trustable, secure, and cheaper process.

The blockchain technology is revolutionizing how we see the modern school day system standards, and it´s making us ask ourselves “why are we doing things this way?”

I came across a project called Open Education Consortium that simply fascinated me, and led me to one question: why is it we pay so much money for education?

OEC promotes, supports and advance openness in education world for FREE.

Higher education should be every human right, and so should free-higher-education.

Governments should care about giving people higher education, evaluating what each person is good at and giving them the preparation to function in their best role in life and money should not ever be an issue.

Projects like THE LEDGER, by the Institute for the Future (IFTF) already thought of it all, they have a project that will be in full affect in 2026.

With The Ledger, people will be able to have all their skills recorded on an easy to manage application, where they will also be able to teach and learn new skills.

One of their goals is to earn as you learn, it opens the horizon for anyone interested in learning and teaching.

I encourage you to watch their video to understand the proposal of the application, it just sounds too good to be true, but it is a legitimate project that would never have been possible if it was not for the blockchain technology.

Sony and IBM are working on platforms to share student’s records, certificates transcripts and more. E-portfolios will be available for all academic credentials. These projects are already in full effect.


The blockchain platform system represents a trust protocol in our modern educational systems. It is changing how, who and when we get to go to school.

This is the future of education, leading us into a bright future where education isn’t just for the rich and fortunate but for everyone.

Places where people could not get to go to school, there will be schools, because where ever we can get internet connection there will be blockchain, and if there is blockchain there will be education.

And once the new educational systems are fully operating there will only be one question left: how did we ever live without it?



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