How is Italy treating cryptocurrency?

Italy has been going through an economic crisis for quite a while now. And as with other countries under pressure, cryptocurrency can be a way above the waves. Other countries in the EU have turned to cryptos as an alternative to the crisis, such as Greece. Citizens undergoing a crisis see themselves with their hands … Read moreHow is Italy treating cryptocurrency?

ICOs plus legal compliance equals to STOs.

STO stands for Security Token Offering. This is a crowd-funding practice or method to launch new security tokens, opening businesses to new opportunities to raise money by issuing digital security tokens in a regulated manner. Issuers may come from several different divisions, enterprises, real estate, and venture capital firms. This movement is gaining a lot of momentum … Read moreICOs plus legal compliance equals to STOs.

Switzerland, Cryptos and ICOs.

  Switzerland is a cryptocurrency blockchain hub right in the center of Europe, with 26 cantons, a federal city called Bern, and four official languages, German, French, Italian and Romansh. Switzerland is among the top-5-richest countries in the world. The Alpine country is well-known for its Alps, chocolates, and cheeses, the Red Cross and also … Read moreSwitzerland, Cryptos and ICOs.


AIRDROPS are a legitimate way to get free cryptos. Airdrop is when a cryptocurrency is given away for FREE by the developers, usually given to existing coin holders with a particular amount of bitcoin or Ethereum, or by following prerequisites that will result in free coins, like sharing your email for example in exchange for the … Read moreYOU KNOW YOU WANT FREE MONEY!