Manage your money in 10 simple ways

Girl money managing

You might have noticed several posts about money in the blog lately, right? Well, that’s because I have realized how crucial it would be for us to help you manage your money. If we intend to have a decentralized monetary system through blockchain and cryptos, we must learn how to deal with money, properly. Cryptocurrency is … Read moreManage your money in 10 simple ways

Four Awesome uses of Cryptocurrency

To most people, cryptos are scary because they are a high-risk investment. However, whether you are fond of the technology or not, it would probably be a good idea for you to learn a little about the industry, it´s influence and growth potential. Moreover, it would be clever to learn about cryptocurrency uses. As the … Read moreFour Awesome uses of Cryptocurrency

Banks must innovate to survive the cryptocurrency era

The crypto industry attacks banks since the beginning. We´ve watched over and over crypto radicals declare the end of all banks during the cryptocurrency era. However, what if banks were to transform and adapt to cryptocurrencies? Predictions of various experts and bank CEOs declare that within 10-years bank branches will undergo a serious decline or … Read moreBanks must innovate to survive the cryptocurrency era

4 reasons cryptos need regulations

The cryptocurrency industry has come a long way, coins, and tokens of all sorts have been created. The industry has attempted to stabilize the market´s volatility in every way possible. Some nations have set up regulations, however not enough countries have done so. Needless to say, the traditional monetary system of the world has been … Read more4 reasons cryptos need regulations

Estonia the most advanced digital society

Welcome to E-Estonia Estonia is a small nation in the EU. E-Estonia is the most advanced digital society in the world, the world’s first digital nation. Also, their government functions fully online. So their interest in cryptos makes sense. “When Estonia started building our information society about two decades ago, there was no digital data … Read moreEstonia the most advanced digital society

Crypto mining? Are you sure?

If you have heard about cryptos, you must have heard about crypto mining. Crypto mining is a decentralized version of banking systems. Similarly, it transfers value from one person to another globally, but without a centralized authority. Cryptocurrencies have been growing in price and value for the past decade. People around the world are getting … Read moreCrypto mining? Are you sure?

The next crypto-hub: Slovenia is winning the world´s attention

Culture & Cryptos This is one of those hidden jewels. Slovenia is such an enchanting nation, my mouth dropped when I saw the images during my studies to write this blog post. (Shy moment) Can I be super honest? Shame on me, but I had never heard of Slovenia. I had no idea what I was … Read moreThe next crypto-hub: Slovenia is winning the world´s attention

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