This makes me SO happy, I can’t contain it. Blockchain is an immutable (cannot be changed) list that records data and timing of transactions. Each transaction has an immutable code that is recorded on this decentralized list — without a central authority. And because this information lives in many computers, it is practically impossible to be altered. One … Read moreBLOCKCHAIN IS RESHAPING HEALTHCARE.

Let´s talk Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: If Microsoft Is In Why aren’t ALL Tech Giants?

Microsoft What makes Microsoft so exceptional? Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft, a digital infrastructure expert. He has taken the #1 place for 24 years now in the FORBS 400 Wealthiest in America, with a net worth of 89B (as of 10/17/17). Mr. Gates has sold and given away a significant part of his stakes, owning just … Read moreLet´s talk Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: If Microsoft Is In Why aren’t ALL Tech Giants?


The blockchain system can be implemented in any educational system or institution per se. It can absolutely change when, how, and where people choose to acquire an education. When it comes to education, we have been teaching the same way today as we did a thousand years ago. We have experienced a diverse growth in … Read moreCOULD BLOCKCHAIN TRANSFORM EDUCATION? OH YES!


This editorial blog post will neither explain what blockchain is nor what its use cases are, but here is a blog post that will help you with that “BLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGY AND IT´S USES”. Irecently saw a video about belief-spread in relation to the world of digital transformation, with a psychologist, Mirta Galesic, a Professor and … Read moreTHE BLOCKCHAIN GLOBAL INFLUENCE: “Are we ready?”

EDUCATION AND JOBS in Cryptocurrency & Blockchain.

The Cryptocurrency & Blockchain industry is expanding rapidly and it was first seen as killing jobs. The reason being is that the cryptocurrency blockchain peer-to-peer proposal, removes the need for third-parties, middle-men, banks, services like Pay-Pal etc. At the Blockchain Conference in New York 2018 bankers rioted outside the conference, with reasons written all over banners, but all with the probable root in … Read moreEDUCATION AND JOBS in Cryptocurrency & Blockchain.

Cryptocurrency basics put simply

This is a simple understanding of cryptocurrency basics for beginners, so make sure you share! I’m sure it will help somebody. Here is what we will cover in this post: What is cryptocurrency? What is blockchain technology? What are cryptos used for? What gives cryptos value? What are altcoins? Digital wallet: Public Key, Private Key … Read moreCryptocurrency basics put simply

Blockchain Technology and Its Uses

What is Blockchain Technology? Blockchain is a growing list of records collected and put into blocks which are then chained and secured by using cryptography. An immutable decentralized distributed ledger technology that lives in several nodes(computers). What is cryptography? Cryptography is the practice of problem solving techniques or solving codes. Blockchain records are written in … Read moreBlockchain Technology and Its Uses

Consensus Algorithm

con·sen·sus kənˈsensəs noun general agreement. “a consensus of opinion among judges” synonyms:   agreement, harmony, concurrence, accord, unity, unanimity, solidarity; al·go·rithm ˈalɡəˌriT͟Həm noun noun: algorithm; plural noun: algorithms a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer. “a basic algorithm for division”   Consensus Algorithm is … Read moreConsensus Algorithm

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