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This makes me SO happy, I can’t contain it.

Blockchain is an immutable (cannot be changed) list that records data and timing of transactions. Each transaction has an immutable code that is recorded on this decentralized list — without a central authority. And because this information lives in many computers, it is practically impossible to be altered. One might try to alter information in one computer but how about all the others? It gives direct access to anywhere in the world, from person-to-person without the need for a mediator. It’s a system made to cut-out costs, speed services, and save contracts and ownership of any source. Blockchains are secure, transparent, and organized. It’s revolutionary to say the least, especially when paired with cryptocurrencies.

The ecosystem is paving a path of access connecting practitioners and patients like never before. For example, it is a common thing for people who live in Africa to go to Europe to receive simple treatments as a checkup or even childbirth. And the blockchain system is connecting people without necessarily having to travel.

Health care is a major issue, and the world seeks advancement at all times, always hitting a dead end, but this changes everything!


The blockchain is the trustable protocol bringing it all together. It has the power to share digital data, health records, and exams with the protection, the speed, the accessibility and management it requires. It also controls budgets, with powerful monitoring, organized processing, easier payment processes, transparency, effectiveness, cost-efficiency, and less corruption.

If you don’t think this is exciting dude, seriously you’re not alive. Lol

Missionaries, non-profits, and many others who live to help others in need around the world will benefit from this technology as well. The world will benefit from this! Eventually, there will be no more “distance” between the care and the needs. Even though I am aware the new technology is in its infancy, it’s still gratifying to get a glimpse of the future of global healthcare possibilities.

Blockchain technology is the “salvation” of global healthcare.

LIFE CHANGING. Wouldn´t you agree?

The Winco Team


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