How is the world perceiving cryptocurrency?

It is going insane. Are you surprised? Imagine you had virtual coins, secured by a decentralized opensource list that keeps a record of everyone’s transactions without alterations, that would allow you to manage, trade, sell, and buy across the globe at a low-fee, self-managed transactions from anywhere with ease. No more banks, no bureaucracy and … Read moreHow is the world perceiving cryptocurrency?

Singapore & Cryptocurrencies

ingapore has taken a different position compared to most countries towards cryptocurrencies. It has taken a more liberal approach into welcoming Startups. Due to its great crowdfunding platforms, Singapore has emerged as the third largest ICO market after the US and Switzerland. As of right now, even though it is legal, Singapore does not regulate … Read moreSingapore & Cryptocurrencies


Ethereum’s cryptocoin is called ether (ETH) and its more than a cryptocurrency, it’s a decentralized blockchain platform, as in opposed to a centralized bank or a third party as the traditional system, that creates a safe peer-to-peer smart contracts. The benefit of using these AKA smart contracts is that the Blockchain apps provide a secure … Read moreETHEREUM IS IT A BLOCKCHAIN? IS IT A TOKEN?

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