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This is meant to instigate a conversation, we want to know what your thoughts are.

Artificial Intelligence aka AI

Artificial intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines or robots, set to continuously learn. Rationally “mimicking” natural human and even animal’s intelligence.

Wow. Really?

Some of us might remember having this huge bulky black and white tv, cell phones that looked like bricks. We had no idea what computers were, we thought they were “alien boxes” and the internet was a spell put on the “alien boxes” totally out of this world okay? We used to write and send letters, yes by hand! With Stamps! Remember stamps!?

There has never been this much change in technology, and inevitably in human lifestyles, as it has been in the last 30 years.

Can you just imagine life 10–20 years from now? Where our entire lives will be recorded by robots and devices, from how-much-coffee-we-have-in-storage to computerized-medical-diagnosis right at the palm of our hands, precise measurements, data, timing, quantities. Robots will eventually take our jobs, I just cannot fathom, even though we have all these amazing IoT (Internet of all Things) videos on YouTube preparing us for this futuristic life, I just cannot seem to grasp the depth of this era we are entering. Years from now we will laugh at how back in the days we had to use switches to turn on the lights instead of just lighting up by itself as you walk in the room.

Yeah… I know…

All of these changes are inevitable. Human intelligence that gets to live in machines? Yes! That’s exactly what it is… Robots that will take over the world….? No, I don’t think so. Lol Maybe. Idk.

None of this needs to be scary if we maintain focus that humans have the ability to readjust and our main focus should be what is best for all humans, if anything it will create tons of new jobs, positions that don’t even exist as of right now.

“If you really think about it, all of human evolution is really nothing more than abstracting problems and automating solutions to earlier problems, which leads to new problems and new solutions in a never-ending cycle.” — Daniel Jeffries at Hackernoon

The integration of cryptocurrency and AI

It is expected, that just as the internet changed the world so will AI and cryptocurrency, maybe even in a much larger scale.

With AI and cryptocurrency transaction execution will be easier than ever, limitless, safe, secure, no biases between two individuals, rational-logical-trading, investments, faster transfers of value, transparency, no risks.

The fact that machines are logical and not emotional at all, basically guarantees effectiveness and preciseness, AI is more than applicable to cryptocurrency blockchain. It will affect all sorts of industries, healthcare, transportation, education, finance, music & media, news, publishing and writing, and more.

We do not know for sure how much it will affect the world yet, but it will be a massive transformation, but even though it is scary we seem more than ready for it.

The integration of AI and cryptocurrency blockchain will give us a world with less corruption within governments, banks, and every facility that deals with the public’s money. But money is not everything, accuracy and integrity will add up to a better world for everyone. AI and cryptocurrency blockchain has the power to connect the world into one. Eliminating many barriers, each technology offers very promising analysis for the future.

Could there be a dark side?

Because it is only a matter of time for all this technology to take over, it is no longer a matter of whether to allow it to “existence” and if all this technology is even good for human beings, it’s already happening, but how can we make the best of it. We know we cannot stop it, but as of right now even though we know all the good things the junction of these technologies has the potential to bring, we also know that it may not be being used for good things. This is what Daniel Jeffries from Hackernoon says:

“The best minds of my generation are thinking about how to make people click ads. That sucks,” said data scientist Jeffrey Hammerbacher, founder of Cloudera.

What else are many of the top AI folks working on?

WeaponsSurveillanceEliminating jobs.

Instead of solving world hunger or cleaning up the ocean or curing cancer, they’re working on killing people and getting people to buy crap they don’t really want or need.

That doesn’t just suck, that’s a massive humanitarian disaster.

This cannot be. We must not just follow the technology tendencies we must guide it, mold it, we must control its path it can’t just happen. We must MAKE the technology and not let it MAKE US. And it is a thin line between a good future in AI and cryptos blockchain and a disaster.

Combining cryptocurrency’s agile blockchain system for data processing, smart contracts, and payments with the speedefficiency of Artificial Intelligence just makes sense. Right? One thing that gives me peace is to know human intelligence will always get ahead from Artificial Intelligence. We created it, we control it. So, we must make sure we take full responsibility for it. Yes? Let’s hope AI creators keep human and animal life in mind, not just some humans or some animals, but collectively and universally.

We must all agree there are some places where distancing emotions is a good thing, like investments, financial equations. Where decision making, non-biases decisions should probably be the main focus, where human emotions mess it up, we must praise for rational decisions, where algorithms can define best without personal views. Many governments, educational, financial and healthcare systems could benefit from the accurately rational aspects these technologies have to offer. And well…lets keep emotions in places where emotions are required, for example I would like to go to a shrink and exchange understanding and empathy a robot would never be able to give me, even if it is capable of accurately diagnosing my condition. We cannot lose sensibility.

How would you divide these two things? How to find balance? Where would you like to see AI and Cryptocurrency blockchain take over? Where not?

Let us know in the comments What do you think will happen as Cryptos and AI get put together? What is the world you envision?

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