An active community is essential, but only powerful if it conveys the right attitude.

An active community is essential, but only powerful if it conveys the right attitude.

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We often worry about keeping our crypto communities alive, and we know how relevant that is, but it could end up with poor results if the community doesn’t support the right attitude, where members are active, positive, and accountable.

I started pondering about this after I came across an article on Medium that talked about consumer mindset x co-creator mindset. I sought for more information until I came across the victim x creator mindset, and it surprised me because interestingly enough the consumer mindset was very similar to the victim mindset, they are two separate roles in different circumstances, but they seem to view, operate and respond in very similar ways.

I could immediately see each mindset being played within the communities.

Furthermore, I realized there are many personal and corporate benefits for the crypto community in learning creator (or co-creator, which should be about the same) mindset language, behaviors, and attitudes.

Our mindset dictates our behaviors in certain situations and it determines the outcome.

So this post was written to help us identify attitudes that may not be helpful to ourselves and inevitably to the communities as well, to further encourage the quality of the roles played within the crypto communities, and to help us recognize and operate in empowering attitudes.


So what is mindset?

By definition, it is the established set of attitudes held by someone, which translates to basic attitudes which you approach something, determining how you respond to situations in your life.

Consumer Mindset within the crypto community

Consumers desire to be served, they invest in the trades they are interested in and expect them to give something back as fast as possible; they do not feel responsible for the outcome and feel as though the responsibility belongs to others, mainly the developers, therefore they make excuses and blame others. They engage with the community with criticism and a fault finding attitude; feel unattached, and if something displeases them they walk away.

As I have mentioned the consumer mindset is very similar to the victims mindset; here is a list of attitudes you might want to check in with your community´s and your own behaviors to help you shift to the co-creator mindset:

• Victims focus on their weakness

• Victims make excuses

• Victims blame

• Victims complain

• Victims compare themselves

• Victims try, and never DO.

• Victims predict defeat and give up

• Victims see problems as permanent

Creator / Co-creator Mindset within the crypto community

Co-creators show up like they know they are a piece of the puzzle — an essential part of the community; they accept the responsibility while focused on improvement, alongside all others to help make it happen — make it work. They comment, share, and give new ideas. They engage with the community as a whole, and they invest with the expectation of giving it all to make it work. They are solution seekers and focus on working things through.


Here are some attitudes that might help you to check if your community is operating in it or not, and also to guide your mind into the co-creator mindset (in case you are not in yet):

• (Co)Creators seek solutions

• (Co)Creators focus on how to improve

• (Co)Creators turn complaints into requests

• (Co)Creators seek help from those more skilled

• (Co)Creators think positively and search for better choices

• (Co)Creators treat problems as temporary

• (Co)Creators do something new

• (Co)Creators accept responsibility

• (Co)Creators create!

The (co)creator mindset according to Skip Downing an international consultant in the field of faculty development “causes people to see multiple options, choose wisely among them, and take effective actions to achieve the life they want.”

The descriptions of the mindsets are purposely blunt and are not absolute; people could easily find themselves to be a mixture of the two.

The intention here is to make a clear distinction between the categories so that we can see clearly where the community is headed; does it have a co-creator, decentralized, and distributed attitude or does it have a consumer/victim attitude? How is it affecting your community?

The influence of our centralized mentalities

Our crypto communities today are composed of people who are coming from centralized environments, single-authority mindsets from all sorts of organizations, we are used to operating whether fully or partially as consumers (or victims), it´s understandable, but by now you can probably see that a decentralized and distributed mindset can be of great benefit to our communities.

Decentralized by definition means to move departments of (a large organization) away from a single administrative center to other locations, usually granting them some degree of autonomy.

We have to set the communities to be actively focused on improvements and solutions as a team and the community will not do that if they do not feel accountable or do not have some degree of autonomy.

How can we conduct community members to take responsibility for their attitudes as co-creators, as well as the outcome?

First, as Albert Schweitzer said — “The three most important ways to lead people are:… by example… by example… by example.”

So be a co-creator and allow your attitudes to influence others in your community, whether you are a developer or a community member (holder).

Show them by example that co-creator mindset exerts great control over situations leading one to make the best out of any situation.

Second, point out to the community that their attitude can lead to gaining or losing money, their money.

A consumer or victim mindset weakens the entire team simply because it is a mindset inclined to defects, leading one to lose control of situations, creating rivalry and discouragement for the entire community.

And guess what will be the outcome result of that?

The community´s attitude will reflect directly on the project´s value and price, weakening it in the eyes of speculators and possible investors.

In the crypto world, community behavior equals to appreciation or depreciation.

The Co-creator Culture in the Crypto communities

The cryptocurrency community, in general, from the beginning has encouraged users to engage, be active and to have a decentralized mindset which we can safely assume it is rooted in the co-creator mindset.

But, it isn’t as easy to incorporate a new culture into the communities because change has to be done individually, yet collectively; change depends solely on one´s attitude, which must come from the inside out, and the community should do this as a whole.

To finalize, here are some more practical things you can do whether you are a developer, creator, or a member to help your community to be active with the right attitude:

  1. Show the community you care, think of ways of how you could serve the community with your skills.
  2. Deliver value, bring solutions to the table, without being authoritarian, but instead provide your solutions and ideas allowing others to give their input, allowing everyone to take part in it.
  3. Encourage content creation.
  4. Continue to set the co-creator mindset with new members.
  5. Engage by replying. Sharing and posting your own ideas is very important indeed, but we should also engage with other people´s ideas, thoughts, and comments in a constructive way.
  6. Rotate community moderators that understand the co-creator mindset well, allowing others to see and be incentivized as they grow within the community.
  7. And last but not least, keep in mind a co-creator is not a boss, but a participant in the creation and treat others in the community the same.


“Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be. Be one.” ~ Marcus Aurelius

Does your community have a consumer/victim mindset or is it headed to a very successful future with its co-creator mindset?

Do you have any advice on how we could be more co-creator like?

Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.

The Winco Team


Disclaimer: Our team works hard to bring you the best content in the cryptocurrency market, but it is only our point of view and not legal advice, and may be divergent from other opinions, so please do not make any decisions without concluding studies of your own to understand the profit possibilities and uncertainties involved at your own risk.

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