Amazon Embraced Blockchain, How About Cryptos?

Amazon Embraced Blockchain, How About Cryptos?

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Amazon´s Success and Credibility was founded on July 5th, 1994 by Jeff Bezos. At the age of 54, he has a net worth of just over 150B for 3 years in a row making him the first to surpass that mark in America. He also holds 5th place in the list of Most Powerful People according to

His source of wealth is the largest internet retailer in the world by revenue and market cap and second largest when it comes to total sales only behind Alibaba Group.

What started off as an online bookstore offers today a large number of services and products: · Amazon Fresh · Amazon Prime · Amazon Web Services · Alexa · App store · Amazon Drive · Echo · Kindle · Fire tablets · Fire TV · Video · Kindle Store · Music · Music Unlimited · Amazon Digital Game Store · Amazon Studios · Amazon Wireless

Some of these services are technologically ahead compared to services and products offered to the public market today. The Echo, for example, this is a smart speaker voice controlled and uses an intelligent assistant named Alexa. Alexa can make to-do-lists, play music, set alarms, play audiobooks, provide weather, traffic all in real time, and she does it all by voice commands yes she (or it?) does!

“You would be hard-pressed to name a company more relevant to society than Amazon” —

Amazon Web Services Blockchain Templates allow you to build your own blockchain application with ease without the hard work of manually setting up a blockchain platform. This service supports the Ethereum platformallowing people to start their own private or public network in a few clicks.

“AWS Blockchain Templates provides a fast and easy way to create and deploy secure blockchain networks using popular open source frameworks. These templates enable you to focus on building your blockchain applications instead of spending time and energy on manual setup of your blockchain network.

AWS Blockchain Templates deploys the blockchain framework you choose as containers on an Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) cluster, or directly on an EC2 instance running Docker. Your blockchain network is created in your own Amazon VPC, allowing you to use your VPC subnets and network Access Control Lists. You can assign granular permissions using AWS IAM to restrict which resources an Amazon ECS cluster or Amazon EC2 instance can access.

There is no additional charge for AWS Blockchain Templates. You pay only for the resources required to run your blockchain network.” (AWS BLOCKCHAIN TEMPLATES)

Skepticism suddenly goes down the drain once a tech giant joins the platform.

AWS Blockchain templates have been attracting many businesses mainly because now they are unafraid to join the technology due to the credibility Amazon carries under its belt while giving Ethereum the exposure and credibility it deserves as one of the most promising technologies in the cryptocurrency blockchain industry.

Amazon has embraced blockchain and plays a huge role in spreading the platform, and most likely knowing they are preparing businesses all around the globe to begin accepting cryptocurrency. And their templates are the tools used to achieve a MASSIVE spread of the technology. Genius to say the least!

Amazon could be cooking up their own virtual currency though, which would explain their interest in globally spreading the blockchain platform.

Back in November 2017 they registered 3 cryptocurrency domains,,, and, but have yet to make any announcements according to

I believe it is safe to say Amazon is quietly embracing the cryptocurrency technology and doing it wisely.


Amazon is always ahead of the game which is the reason it is such a successful company. Not if, but when, Amazon comes out with their virtual currency they will dominate the industry. And if they don’t, another giant will.

It is only a matter of time until fiat currency makes it on to the blockchain platform, and once they do there will be a race of giants and every single industry as we know it will be revolutionized.

Many holders greatly expect to see more tech giants join the platform, because it would generate applications and usability and also because it would give smaller businesses the confidence to also adopt the tech and organically generate applications as well.

Without mentioning the sense-of-security holders get to see influential companies like Amazon join, after all, IF THEY ARE IN THEN IT MUST BE A GOOD DEAL! Right? Right!

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