10-cheap cryptos with great potential for a 1$ dollar or less

10-cheap cryptos with great potential for a 1$ dollar or less

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Maybe you are new in the cryptocurrency world, or you have been watching cryptos while remaining a nocoiner until now. However, you feel ready to buy now, but do not want to invest more than what you can afford to lose. And I´d say: You are on the right track.

Whatever your reasons I´ve got your back. 

So, what would be good low-cost cryptos you could invest?

Well, we have done the hard work for you, here is a clean-cut list of cheap cryptocurrencies you can buy:

1. Cardano (ADA) $0,091505 USD

Cardano is a decentralized platform that will allow complex programmable transfers of value in a secure and scalable fashion.

2. Dogecoin (DOGE) $0,003108 USD

Dogecoin is a fun crypto based on the “Doge” internet meme, a light-hearted project that enables you to send money anywhere in the world quickly.

3. IOTA (MIOTA) $0,518632 USD

IOTA is a scalable decentralized feeless, modular open-source distributed ledger protocol. Moreover, it goes beyond blockchain through its own invention of the blockless tangle.

4. NEM (XEM) $0,089834 USD

NEM stands for New Economy Movement. This is a decentralized P2P platform with its own blockchain, and their currency is called XEM. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLaaJD9fzkg

5. STELLAR (XLM) $0,138184 USD

Stellar is an open-source decentralized protocol, or common financial platform for digital currency to fiat currency transfers. This means it allows cross-border transactions between any pair of currencies. Furthermore, the platform is supported by the Stellar Development Foundation. The cryptocurrency is known as Lumens or XLM.

6. Tether$1,00 USD

Tether token is backed by real assets, including USD and EUROS. One Tether equals to one underlying unit of the currency backing it e.g. The US dollar, and it is backed 100% by actual assets in the Tether platform as a reserve account. And because it is anchored to fiat (paper money) it is protected from the volatility of cryptos.

7. TRON (TRX) $0,034514 USD

The Tron protocol system operates upon the blockchain enabling other to create smart contracts and decentralized applications, specialized in offering massive scalability.

8. Vechain (VET) $0,007792 USD

Vechain is an enterprise-focused blockchain ecosystem that aims to enhance supply chain management by connecting blockchain technology with the real world.

9. WINCO (WCO) $0,001728 USD

Winco is a cryptocurrency token that operates on the excellence of the Ethereum platform, focused on businesses and real estate.

10. XRP (XRP) $0,449163 USD 

XRP (Ripple) is built for enterprise use. So, it is focused on banks and enterprise use, offering a reliable, on-demand option to source liquidity for cross-border payments.

Attention: I have placed the prices according to today´s quota but to see the price at the time you are reading this just click on the price next to the name for each coin and you will be redirected to see the prices in real time at coinmarketcap.

You´re Welcome ❤!

Conclusion: Cryptocurrencies is one of the best options to invest in the moment because its inevitable market and industry is at its pioneering stage. Therefore, entering the market in the early phase could be a smart move for several reasons, first because you get to tap in while it is at a reasonable price, who knows what it will cost in the following years?

Second, if this is a technology that awaits all of us, that will represent our finances worldwide, then we might as well get into it now, learn about as soon as possible and stay ahead of the game.

So that’s it! Hope you find your best match and go for it!

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The Winco Team


Disclaimer: Our team works hard to bring you the best content in the cryptocurrency market, but it is only our point of view and not legal advice, and may be divergent from other opinions, so please do not make any decisions without concluding studies of your own to understand the profit possibilities and uncertainties involved at your own risk.

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